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Sophie Segal

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Freelance & Consultant in Sales & Marketing | Founder & Mentor | Speaker | Curious & Creative

I love combining my commercial corporate and my startup/founder experience to deliver value to businesses of all types.


Emma Barrett-Hoey

Founder & Director

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Principal Consultant in Business Strategy | Customer Experience | Sales & Marketing | Mentor | Speaker | Innovator

Making businesses successful is what makes me tick. I'm a chess player so game plans and strategy are my thing, but equally give me a pen and a whiteboard and I'll create something magical!


Marcus Cauchi

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FISM Sales Trainer & Coach


I don't sell the sizzle, I deliver the steak. No motivational drivel. Hard-edged, razor sharp, practical, applicable commercial sales training that works in real-life.


Gerald Thomas

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Director at Greenlizzard Studios


I guess you could say I am a seasoned entrepreneur, I just think I have a lot of business knowledge, know-how and experiences to share with my clients.


Philip Warner

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Product Marketing & Tech Wizard



17 Years of Building products that people love to use.

The vision to see the big picture.

Renowned for going the extra mile.