I heard Marcus speak at an Armed Forces resettlement and recruitment networking event called The Liquid List (www.forcesbusinessnet.com) Logically I didn't think he would be able to help me. After all, I wasn't looking for Sales Training, or to increase my pipeline, or turn prospects into clients, not me, not my pain. So I thought. Just how wrong I was became quickly apparent.

Now, with a greater understanding of how people buy and what motivates them to make a decision it is clear that what Marcus has to offer could just be the holy grail, or if not then damned close to it. To anyone that has to sell, deal with clients, prospects, procurement and or difficult people then I highly recommend an initial conversation with Marcus. It could just change your life....

Be prepared! Take nothing for granted! Marcus Cauchi will challenge everything, pull things apart and then put them back together again; but as a result of the No Guts, No Gains programme future success is certainly guarrenteed. I would strongly recommend this programme to anyone and there's no one better than Marcus to instill Sandler Training skills into your system.


It just makes sense and what is more, it works!!"

“I worked closely with Emma on three occasions. I would not hesitate to work with her again. She is highly professional, with excellent business judgement, sales and marketing skills, and technical knowledge. Both dedicated and highly positive she has the ability to inspire everyone around her. She also thinks and plans strategically, while acting locally with a sense of urgency to get things done. Emma is always a major asset to an organisation, or team, and a highly likeable person.” CEO, London Wildlife Trust

“Emma is great to work with due to her strong business acumen and clarity of thinking. Particularly impressive is her ability to quickly understand a situation, distil it down to the key business points and then devise a winning strategy.” Client Success Leader, IBM